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Regularly attending all the major international fabrics shows, such as Premiere Vision and Intertextile, and scanning every fashion publication imaginable, our R&D teams work continuously to ensure our clients have the most up-to-date trend information. Then with that information and based on our client’s target consumer, our teams select from our suppliers’ latest developments and put together seasonal presentations of fabrics, silhouettes, colors, sketches, and trims for our clients. Our team can either mail or visit our customers in person to present the development package. Our customer can select those fabrics, trims or designs they want and then we can source either the fabric or the entire apparel item for them.

We will work around your calendar. We understand each customer has their own development cycle, so PBMS will send you the latest developments when it’s best for you. Our R&D teams are also closely supported by our technical and QC department whose knowledge and production experience prove invaluable to anticipating difficulties and problems with bulk production.

For an idea of what we typically prepare for our customers for any given season, our development packages usually include :

  • Seasonal fabric boards

    Seasonal fabric boards
    Showcasing the hottest, and most up-to-date trend inspired fabrics based on newly developed yarns & finishes.
  • Seasonal trim books

    Seasonal trim books
    The newest and hottest trims arranged by category.
  • Styles and silhouettes

    Styles and silhouettes
    Styles based on our suppliers and our own actual designs.
  • Market samples

    Market samples
    Capturing the seasonal fashion trends.
  • Fashion Trend publications

    Fashion Trend publications
    Research upcoming trend based on target customer. Give inspiration and new idea for next season.
  • Market Intelligence reports

    Market Intelligence reports
    Seasonal reports with data, photos, and sketches on the latest market trends.